Soltis 86

A SunSquare SunSail is an automatic motor shade system for sun protection.

SunSquare SunSails of Soltis 86 or 92 for sun protection.

Soltis® fabrics offer, simultaneously, effective protection against heat, allow more light to pass through and provide an unusual degree of transparency. Soltis® 86/92 withstand heat, wind, rain, hail, frost, etc., undamaged, retaining their suppleness and strength.

Soltis® 86/92 both stand up to wind and weather, with no problems. As a result of their polyester fiber re-inforced weaves, they exhibit an unusually high resistance to wear and fatigue.

Soltis® fabrics suffer no deformations, as both warp and woof are pre-treated to resist losing shape. They easily withstand temperatures from -30 C to +70 C. They are suitable for all sizes, and have made a name for themselves in large constructions, due to their high surface stability.

Thanks to the high quality polymers used in the manufacture of these fabrics, an optimal level of color fastness is also provided. Their surfaces are smooth, and do not allow airborne contaminants to adhere. Maintenance can be provided with water and a neutral cleaning solution.

Certification: ISO 900l

5 Year Manufacturer's Warranty