EXPERIENCE SINCE 1993 - SunSquare® is the inventor of fully automated, radio remotecontrolled and wind-monitored, rollable shadesail systems with worldwide patent protection. More than 15,000 projects have been realised to date. Every SunSquare® system is technically checked at the SunSquare® headquarters and production only starts after approval. Experience that makes the difference.

WORLDWIDE NETWORK - SunSquare® in the USA, the Netherlands or Dubai? Yes, it is actually possible to install SunSquare® systems almost anywhere
in the world! To ensure the best advice and optimum planning for end customers, our sales partners undergo a training of three days at the SunSquare® headquarters, are continuously informed about optimisations and can count on planning support.

SAFETY - SunSquare® systems are equipped with a wind sensor. This sensor sends a signal to the motor when the wind speed reaches more than 40 km/h to close the SunSquare® system automatically. With safety. In case of a power failure, the sail can be rolled up using the emergency hand crank.

COOPERATION - SunSquare® processes the highest grade of stainless steel V4A/1.4571/316 Ti - also known as marine stainless steel. This has increased resistance to corrosion and pitting. SunSquare® supports are slim, attractive, stable and functional.

DESIGN - The common thread in the design - all components and fastening elements are designed in-house. Parts from other industry sectors are not used. All components fulfil their function and are developed and produced specifically for their use.

EXPERTISE IN FASTENING POINTS - Over 100 specially developed fastening elements - called NIROLINE® - ensure that the installation is structurally correct, aesthetic and functional at the same time.

PLANNING EXPERTISE - The SunSquare® system offers scope for creative solutions. From simple systems to interlocking multiple systems for largescale
projects to flexible customised solutions - the SunSquare® system makes it possible.

TRUE VALUES - We offer personal contacts who will guide you through the decision-making process. In project coordination we make sure that your SunSquare® system is realised smoothly and efficiently.

MADE IN AUSTRIA - Every SunSquare® system is checked, approved and manufactured in Tulln from a technical and planning perspective. The individual components come from Austria and the EU. The sail material from SATTLER SUNTex is produced in Austria.

INSTALLATION & SERVICE - The simple installation, servicing and follow-up support of SunSquare® systems make them a convincing choice. Each component can be replaced separately, making maintenance simple and straightforward.

LIFETIME - The materials used guarantee an exceptional service life for the systems and therefore offer long-term investment security. SunSquare® - the sunsail for generations!

DIVERSITY - SunSquare® relies on high-end sailcloth from the brands SATTLER, DICKSON and SERGE FERRARI. We therefore offer the widest choice of sail materials and colours.

CO-OPERATION - SunSquare® co-operates with renowned and internationally recognised and successful companies such as Somfy, HILTI, Würth, Teufelberger and many more.

STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS - All SunSquare® models are subject to a basic static calculation, which can be passed on if required and can also be calculated for specific projects.

CERTIFICATION - All internal welding production steps and all welding technicians themselves are certified according to EN-1090.

DELIVERY TIME - Like a customised suit, your SunSquare® system will be tailored to your needs, which may take some time. Delivery times of 6 - 8 weeks are to be expected.

RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT - SunSquare® is constantly researching and developing. New products are created and existing systems are optimised in order to requirements and expectations even better.

SUN AND RAIN PROTECTION - Your SunSquare® system protects against harmful UV radiation and rain. Blurring the boundaries between inside and outside and creating new living space.