ConeClub nach Adaption_2023
All day. All night. All unique. All out of the box.

Sunsails can also be used in a completely different way, with a completely new approach: "out of the box".

A breathtaking, crazy and impressive project embedded in the secluded beauty of the coast - the ConeClub at 7Pines Resort Sardinia.
The specifications of the Sardinian authorities are strict in order to build a club in the middle of a nature reserve. Some compromises and good ideas had to be put on the table.

An easy task for the long-standing SunSquare distribution partner Incompar Balear SL in Mallorca. Even the requirement to erect a mobile solution that had to be removed over the winter months was not a deterrent. Months of planning and many nautical miles between Sardinia and Mallorca, the club was able to start its first summer season in 2022.

After this season, Incompar Balear was approached again with the request to close the gaps through which the sun shone. This challenge was also met. The sails that close the gaps give the ConeClub an artistic ring flair and ensure full tables and countless social media posts.

The ConeClub Sardinia: A place to be, to relax, to have fun, to spend a perfect day and also evening - hours to remember. Daybeds on the beach, drinks and food from stars of the regional cuisine. Lively clubbing. All this in a location with a view of the sea and the sunset.

project: Incompar Balear
pictures: ©Oliver Brenneisen