In addition to the well-known exterior shading systems, Sunsquare also builds special solutions for interior needs. The perfect drive technology from SunSquare is also used for interior shading. Sails with an area of ​​up to 100 m² and with shaft-lengths of up to 14 m can be implemented here where no wind loads are involved.

Glass front Uniqua Tower

Architects: Neumann and partner

A system of five, shed-like overlapping sails, spans under a multi-curved roof skin. The spatial arrangement of the sails offers changing perspectives with every point of view. Due to the storage of the sail shafts in rope knots, the designer Gerald Wurz had to develop a vibration-free drive that can absorb the permanent movements of the roof skin with a stroke of up to 20 cm. The aluminum-coated Soltis 92° mesh that was used for the covering not only provides excellent sun protection but also all fire protection regulations. The controls for shading and smoke gas ventilation are linked so that the sails retract automatically in the event of a fire. When the sails are rolled up, the waves seem to become part of the fragile roof structure and thus almost invisible.

Glass pyramid Sparkasse Linz

A glass pyramid with a surface area of ​​17x17 m is shaded by eight triangular sails. For the first time, exit lengths of over 10 m were mastered. The shafts of the individual sails are, in opposite directions, tilted a track from the horizontal, which gives the pyramid base a formal lightness. The inclined position of the shafts improves the tension in the sail fabric and thus ensures wrinkle-free rolling. Custom-made textile triangular systems require a maximum of planning precision. With the routine of 14 years of experience and innovative spirit, this claim is implemented in the SunSquare projects.