Biggest SunSquare installation worldwide!

SunSquare constantly strives to push the boundaries of what is technically feasible and, together with local partners, find innovative solutions for sun protection. This time also in Dubai, where with the partner InOutCompany the 500m ² terrace is shaded with the world's largest SunSquare system.

In spring, the world's largest SunSquare system went into operation. The task was to shade the 500 m² terrace directly on the coast of the "Dubai-Palm-Jumeirah" with as few supports as possible. The solution was a SunSquare awning system of the type AX-II with innovative used "flying" supports your Auslangen finds. These hinged supports transmit the tensile forces via thin steel cables to the few floor supports. This achieves a uniform shadow area without interfering too much with the original architecture of the terrace.

A total of 14 solar sails are controlled centrally via a control module, which also makes it possible to individually control the individual sails. So the "local operator" can create different mood pictures with the sails. The LED lighting additionally supports the ambience at night, as the sails act as reflectors for indirect illumination.

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Model Type

  • AX-II


  • Extraordinary