Master Ateliers is a joint venture from the well known metal constructor Christian Neumaier and the architect Hildegard Rasthofer. At the manufacturing plant Metallbau Neumaier in Bavaria, glass constructions of enchanting beauty, are manufactured. The creative principal which characterizes the Master Ateliers are that they are functional, sophisticated and aesthetic. The choice of first class materials compliment this principal.

After a classical blacksmith apprenticeship Christian Neumaier obtained the Master title in this craft and qualified himself as a designer in the craftsmanship field. 2006 Christian Neumaier received the „Bayerische Staatspreis“ (Bavarian State Prize for craftsmanship). Hildegard Rasthofer works as an architect in the field of concepts and planning. She is also an expert for Computer Aided Architectural design (CAAD) and Building Information Modeling (BIM).

Development intense applications were developed in cooperation with very experienced glass experts, who brought in their technical engineering knowledge. These procedures are subject to an approval. Amazing solutions are found for the very demanding and at times contrary opposing requirements to design, static, construction and the physics of building.

Photos: Oliver Brenneisen

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  • SQK-I


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